Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why bother?

You ever find yourself screaming at the radio or TV while some talking head spews nonsense opinions passed off as fact?

The title of this blog should have been "Cheap Therapy," because that is basically what this is. I will rant and occasional rave about anything and everything that either I have right or someone else has wrong. Nobody is safe: politicians, athletes, actors, and anyone else who makes way more money than me to do way less work.

No, this will not be the typical "why I hate everything and the world would be better if I were in charge" blog. I'll leave those to the latte drinking, hemp wearing, tofu eating "enlightened" types.

On that note, a word about me. I believe in one God, one Nation under Him, and I personally fight for the right to say those words any time I please. I also fight for others' right to say otherwise, just don't do so within earshot of me.

I voted for President Bush, but wouldn't have voted for Kerry at gunpoint. I can't stand those who are liberal because it's hip or conservative because it's moral. In both cases, it's not.

If Michael Moore was on fire and I had the only water in town, I would put the fire out. Why? Because he and his minions would expect me not to.

Oh, and because it's the right thing to do.

If you agree with what I have to say, cool. If not, cool. Either way, my hope is that these posts will make you think occasionally and laugh often.

Most importantly, please don't wear your undies too tight. Have a sense of humor about yourself and the world around you. Believe me- it helps.

If pain or irritation occur during or after using this product, discontinue use immediately.


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