Monday, January 31, 2005

Then again, what do I know?

Rick Reilly is the best sports writer in America, but I would rather be able to write like Tony Kornheiser.

The Eagles have no chance in the Super Bowl. The Patriots are too good and too smart to give a damn whether or not a gimpy Terrell Owens can play.

Hillary Clinton passed out giving a speech today. That's good stuff. I wouldn't wish bad health on very many people, but since she appears to be OK, I love video of people falling out as much as the next guy.

I used to like Coke, but Pepsi tastes better these days. No idea why.

Friends come in handy. For an in depth explanation on this, ask someone who doesn't have any.

I hate bumper stickers. For the most part anyways. Why spend all that money to buy a car only to plaster a $2 piece of paper on it? I mostly hate the ones intended to be clever or funny that are rarely either. I saw one the other day that said, "Like, Whatever." That's it. Nothing else. Just a pink sticker with yellow letters. Idiot.

If God ever had a good idea, it was women. If he ever had a brilliant idea, it was Latin women.

Whose idea was it to put a little plastic baby doll in a cake and bake it and then congratulate the poor bastard who finds it with having to buy the next one?

"What's that? You're choking? Someone help him out ... he's bringing the King Cake next week!"

Mardi Gras is, for the most part, nothing like you see on TV. It's mostly a tame series of parades and parties that foul up traffic for hours at a time. Good times, though. Picture tailgate parties with floats and marching bands. Everyone grills, brings food, shares with eachother, etc. One giant block party. Stay away from the French Quarter ... trust me.

Sorry about the lame nature of this post. I was having a lot of ADD-like thoughts I needed to dump, so voila.

P.S.- Anyone want to buy a mobile home in Beaufort, S.C. ?


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