Thursday, May 18, 2006

Idle Worship

I'll keep this short.

American Idol.


Those of you who watch religiously, answer honestly: Would you pay good money to go watch either of the finalists do a two hour concert? If there's so much shock and outrage about Chris being voted off, why didn't you vote for him?

I'll admit, I watched this season because I was mildly entertained by Kellie Pickler and extremely interested in Chris Daughtry. Dude could front most rock bands on the radio right now. Then slowly, week by week, the best singers were eliminated, leaving us with Taylor and McPhee.


So as Ryan "how do I still have a job?" Seacrest reads the votes next week, ushering in the latest vanilla flavored pop star (Ruben? Fantasia? Heard anything from your Idols lately?), I'll be doing something far more interesting-

Anything else.


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