Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hurricanes Blow

Ha ha.

Seriously, though ... can a pasty read head get a break? Sorry it's been so long since I posted, but cut me some slack. I've been a bit busy lamenting my year-old car that I've wanted since high school being swept away into the river that used to be known as Tulane University, aka the school I no longer attend.

What's that, you say? At least all my family is safe and I'm not living in a shelter? True. However, today- day 17- I'm tired of eating out every night, tired of watching my kids stare at the wall of our hotel room, tired of explaining to my boy why he can't go home and watching him cry because he misses his house and dog, tired of rationalizing my choice to leave Parris Island to come to New Orleans instead of holding out for a position in D.C. like I should have at this stage in my career, tired of telling my family how much worse things can be, tired of not knowing when I'll be able to go home, tired of having people I work with (read: work for) having the authority over me to tell me I can't go anywhere without their permission, tired of moving farther and father away from my family and friends, tired of getting connected to a city just long enough to be cozy only to be uprooted like a damned shrub during a Cat. 5 storm (oh wait ...), tired of hearing ignorant politicians blame the U.S. government for slow response to a call for help that came only after President Bush his damned self called the mayor and "begged" her to eveacuate the city, tired of missing my dad, whom I hadn't lived near since '93 and will no longer be 2 hours away from, tired of the food in my fridge rotting non-stop to the point where the smell caused my boss, who went there on a recovery mission, to vomit violently, tired of people making selfish decisions that adversely affect several hundred other people, tired of being tired.

I am thankful. Indeed I am. But don't give me the scowl brow for indulging in self-pity for the first time since the storm blew ashore almost 3 weeks ago. At least I'm doing it when nobody is looking, which is more than I can say for most people.