Monday, May 22, 2006

For the record

One of my closest friends is going through some serious hell with the family. Not the typical "you didn't call me last weekend" stuff, but the real, down and dirty, may not talk to eachother again type hell. This got me thinking.

My family- of which most of you, blood relative or not are a part- have had some pretty long trips through relational hell. However, nothing the likes of this. I know I have not always been the easiest pill to swallow, and most of you have not either. The fact that we can still see eye to eye, or more importantly we don't flip out when we disagree, makes me love you all more than you can know. I'm thankful for each of you, regardless- and because of- what we've been through in the past.

Enough of this mushy crap. MySpace is a trip. I have heard from people who I thought were in jail and/or dead, who have mostly grown into productive adults. I don't know why I'm so suprised by this. If there would have been a senior superlative vote for "Most likely to blow loads of talent," that would have been me. However, it never ceases to amaze me that life is moving as fast for my childhood friends as it is moving for me.

Here's one example, and rehashing this in my mind will lead to a future entry ...

Me and a childhood friend decided it would be a cool thing to do to steal my mom's car and take it for a joyride.

We were 13 and 12.

Long story (and upcoming blog) short, we wrecked it. A lot. In a field. On a golf course. In broad daylight. Trying to escape a guy running at us with a shotgun.


Anyway, he's now a soldier with a 10 year old kid and an AR15 I'm eventually going to show him how to shoot. I'm a Marine in charge of Marketing and Public Relations for the Corps's recruiting efforts in the Soutwestern United States.

God help us all. Sleep tight, America. Me and Bryan have it all under control.